Company history

The Abuja Chamber of Commerce & Industry was established in 1986 and its main objectives are to protect the interest of commerce and industry and also express the opinion of the business community on questions affecting trade, industry, mines and agriculture in the Federal Capital Territory in particular and in Nigeria in general.

The Chamber’s aim is to encourage greater understanding, cohesion and unified sense of co-operation among businesses and business organizations.
The Chamber is established not for profit, and all its income and property are therefore applied solely for the promotion of its above objectives.

In the attainment of its aim and objectives, the Chamber is committed to no political creed. The Chamber is not only a forum for already successful businessmen and women, but also to starters. In addition it embrace all shades of businesses including manufacturing, trading, contracting, farming, importing and exporting, mining, financing etc.

The chamber is an autonomous organisation, though as it is, is a member of the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCHVIA).

The Chamber is recognized as one of the Organised Private Sectors (OPS) bodies through which local opinion on commercial and industrial matters are presented directly to Government and or other authorities, both national and local. It is frequently consulted by Government in advance on the preparation of new legislation affecting the business community.

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