CANTON FAIR, Guangzhou-China

We have commenced compilation of members’ list for the 121st CANTON FAIR 2017, Guangzhou-China. Interested members are hereby requested to come for the completion of visa application forms. Considering the limited allocation given to our chamber, each company is entitled to one representative.
Please note that only financially up-to-date members will be considered.
While coming, please bring along the following:
(a) International passport
(b) Two passport photographs
(c) Certificate of incorporation
(d) Tax clearance certificate
(e) Bank statement (3 months)
(f) Letter of introduction addressed to Economic Counsellor,
Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, Maitama, Abuja.
(g) Non-refundable administrative and visa fee – N80,000.00
Please expedite action and note that it is first come first served.
Thank you.

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