The Dispute Resolution Centre of Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DRC-ACCI) was commissioned on the 12th day of September, 2017.
The Centre’s main focus is on fair and efficient alternative dispute resolution services. 
It provides an avenue and facility for access to justice where members of Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry and general public enjoy the benefits of resolving their disputes without the usual delays experienced in litigation in courts. Pre-dispute relationship is preserved or improved upon between disputants and economic development is achieved by reducing costs usually incurred when law enforcement agents are involved or litigation process is adopted. 
The Centre adopts methods such as Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation, Conciliation and others depending on the nature of dispute and the agreement between the parties on what method would be preferred to resolve their dispute.
The Centre also offers consultancy services on alternative dispute resolution, conflict management and conflict avoidance.
These services are rendered through the expertise of seasoned Nigerian and foreign Panel of Neutrals from different fields of professional endeavour.
The DRC also provides efficient services and resources on Arbitral Registry and Secretarial service; as well as conduct certified trainings on Alternative Dispute Resolution.
The center provides mordern facilitates for ADR hearings and meetings.
For more inquiries, contact us via our social media handles @accidrc on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.
Telephone: +234 803 836 2043
                     +234 813 188 2274
Or visit us at the DRC Secretariat.
Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry, KM8, Umaru Musa Yar’adua Express-way, Airport Road, Abuja.

  • Experience within ACCI and elsewhere shows that these techniques for preventing and resolving conflicts can have many benefits including:
    • Faster resolution of issues
    • More creative, satisfying and enduring solutions
    • Reduced transaction costs
    • Improved working relationships
    • Increased stakeholder support for Agency programs

Who can come before the Center?


Members of the Chamber

Business owners

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