The Director General of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), Mr Agabaidu Chukwuemeka Jideani, led a five-man delegation to the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC), demonstrating ACCI’s commitment to fostering collaboration in the realm of data protection within the business community.


Mr. Agabaidu commended the National Commissioner of NDPC, Dr. Vincent Olatunji for the gracious reception extended to the ACCI delegation. He expressed appreciation for the Commission’s expedited efforts in enforcing data protection laws and acknowledged Dr. Olatunji’s exemplary leadership.


As the leading business community umbrella organisation in the Federal Capital Territory, ACCI seeks to align with the Commission to actively contribute to the development of the data protection ecosystem.


Mr. Agabaidu emphasised ACCI’s readiness to facilitate educational initiatives and training programme and advocated for ACCI to be designated as a pivotal hub within the Commission’s ecosystem.


In response, Dr. Olatunji reiterated NDPC’s mandate as the regulatory authority tasked with upholding data protection regulations and ensuring adherence to established standards across Nigeria.


He applauded the proactive engagement of ACCI’s ICT Trade Group Chairman and encouraged all ACCI members involved in data processing to undergo registration with the Commission.


Dr. Olatunji emphasised the crucial role of the private sector in driving the effective implementation of data protection measures, affirming NDPC’s commitment to collaboration with industry stakeholders. He outlined NDPC’s strategic plans encompassing government partnerships, awareness campaigns, ecosystem development, funding initiatives, and fostering collaborative partnerships.


Ambassador Olusegun Olugbile, Chairman of ACCI’s ICT Trade Group, reinforced the importance of active involvement of ACCI in investigative processes following breaches, advocated for industry representation in data protection initiatives, and proposed leveraging ACCI’s Alternative Dispute Resolution services for conflict resolution.


The DG was accompanied by Mr Nnaemeka Ezekwensili Nnam, Director of Abuja Trade Centre, and Hajia Hauwa Kaka Usman, ACCI General Counsel.


Moving forward, both ACCI and NDPC are poised to strengthen their collaborative efforts to fortify data protection frameworks and promote responsible data management practices across Nigeria’s diverse sectors.


Olayemi John-Mensah
ACCI Media/Strategy Officer