In a significant move aimed at fortifying economic activities and enhancing industry collaboration, Chief Emeka Obegolu, SAN, PhD, President of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), spearheaded the inauguration of various committees and Trade Groups over a two-day period. Among the established committees are the Banking and Insurance Committee, Finance and Administration Committee, Membership Committee, and Disciplinary Committee. Additionally, several Trade Groups were formed, including Climate Change Trade, Transport Trade, Construction and Engineering Trade, Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Trade, and Oil and Gas Trade.


Chief Obegolu urged each committee and Trade Group to exhibit proactivity and diligence, emphasizing the importance of swift action. Subsequently, another set of Trade Groups, such as Mining, Tourism and Creative Industry, SME, Law and Development, Women in Business, Music & Entertainment, Leadership and Business, Health and Pharmaceutical, and Agricultural Trade Group, were inaugurated in line with efforts to bolster economic activities and foster industry synergy.


During the inauguration, Chief Obegolu congratulated the appointed Chairmen, their assistants, and members, urging them to undertake initiatives beneficial to the Chamber. Agabaidu Chukwuemeka Jideani, the Director General of ACCI, expressed contentment with the capable individuals selected by the President to propel the Chamber’s progress, while extending gratitude to the volunteers for their pivotal roles in advancing the Chamber’s objectives.


Michael Anjikwi
ACCI, IT Officer