Promoting Trade Fairs and Exhibitions as a Panacea for Economic Development

Recently, the Director General of ACCI Victoria Akai and the Director of Trade at ACCI, Mr. Ezekwesili Nnam, sat down for an insightful interview with ASO TV station. The focus of their discussion was the role of Trade Fairs and Exhibitions in driving economic development. This conversation shed light on the significance of trade fairs as hubs for buying and selling, as well as their potential to facilitate essential business networking meetings.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. The Relevance of Trade Fairs: Dr. Victoria Akai emphasized the importance of trade fairs as vibrant marketplaces that foster economic growth. These events serve as platforms for businesses, both local and foreign, to showcase their products and services. She highlighted that the benefits of trade fairs are real-time and directly applicable to the city of Abuja.
  2. Sustainable Finance and Taxation: Mr. Ezekwesili Nnam delved into the theme of the upcoming fair, “Sustainable Finance and Taxation.” He pointed out that taxation is one of the primary sources of government income. Many businesses, including ACCI members, have voiced concerns about double and multiple taxation. To address this issue, ACCI engaged with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), who is their lead sponsor. Special days during the fair will provide a unique opportunity for tax authorities to engage with business owners and resolve these taxation challenges.
  3. Promoting Innovation and Employment: Mr. Ezekwesili Nnam also highlighted how the trade fair serves as an essential platform for companies to showcase their latest products. This not only fosters innovation but also stimulates economic growth. Furthermore, he emphasized that the fair would contribute to reducing unemployment. Companies participating in the event often employ additional staff to support their operations throughout the fair.
  4. Supporting Women Entrepreneurs: Inclusivity is a core principle of the trade fair. Mr. Nnam mentioned that free space has been allocated to women entrepreneurs to sell their food products, providing them with a valuable opportunity to showcase their businesses.
  5. Lastly, Mr. Nnam hinted at exciting giveaways that will be a part of the trade fair, adding to the overall appeal of the event.

In summary, ACCI is gearing up for an impactful trade fair and exhibition in Abuja, focusing on Sustainable Finance and Taxation. This event promises to provide a dynamic platform for businesses to thrive, encourage innovation, and address taxation challenges. Moreover, it’s a beacon of inclusivity, supporting women entrepreneurs and offering exciting giveaways. Stay tuned for more updates as the trade fair begins tomorrow.